Burger King Impossible Whopper

Burger King has a new vegetarian sandwich on the menu called the Impossible Whopper—630 calories. The Impossible Whopper comes with an Impossible Foods burger patty made from potato protein, soy protein, and coconut oil. In other words, it’s a meatless burger, entirely plant-based, ideal for vegans and vegetarians.

Even though it’s plant-based, it’s not exactly the healthiest choice on the menu. Actually, it has almost the same amount of calories as a regular Whopper. And, it also has 16 percent more carbs than Burger King’s flagship sandwich.

For comparison, the Impossible Whopper has 630 calories and 58 grams of carbs, while the original has 660 calories and 49 grams of carbs. That’s only thirty fewer calories. Probably not enough of a reason for most people to make the switch.

But if you’re just looking for a fast-food vegetarian option that tastes like real fast food, then this is where it’s at. While the Impossible patty is vegan, the entire Impossible Whopper is not vegan as it contains mayo, and it’s grilled in the same broiler used to cook beef and chicken.

However, it’s worth noting the Impossible Whopper is lower in cholesterol and does not contain trans fat.

Burger King Impossible Whopper Calories and Nutrition Information

As mentioned above, there are 630 calories in a Burger King Impossible Whopper.

Calorie breakdown: 49 percent of the calories come from fat, 37 percent come from carbs, and the other 14 percent come from protein sources such as the new plant-based beef patties.

Impossible Whopper Nutrition
Calories From Fat306
Total Fat34g
Saturated Fat11g
Trans Fat0g


Potato protein, soy protein (soy leghemoglobin), coconut oil, yeast extract, cultured dextrose, methylcellulose, and food starch modified.


The Impossible Whopper contains the following allergens:

  • Wheat
  • Egg
  • Soy

References: BK.com.


  1. I tried an Impossible Whopper Today. It wasn’t bad, but I like the more charcoal taste of reg Whoppers. The price was a little high too. I liked all the tomato and lettuce, but could have skipped the overload of mayo. I’d eat one again, but no fries. It seemed awfully big. I am not a vegan, but thought it might be a few less calories. Wrong!!

    • Hi Carol! Thanks for the review. Most people think it’s lower in calories than it is, so they’re surprised when they found out later that it has almost the same amount of calories as a regular Whopper sandwich.

  2. Had it for the first time on Staten Island, thought I was given a regular burger, it was so good. No mayo no cheese. So I had it again today, on Long Island, it was exactly the same, incredibly good.

  3. Here’s a reason to eat an Impossible Whopper instead of the original. One beef patty requires on average over 600 gallons of water to produce. Not to mention grazing land. Many areas of the world are running out of water. We don’t need to use up such a precious resource when there is a much more environmentally-friendly alternative.

  4. I tried an “Impossible Whopper” today but because I haven’t eaten red meat in 30 years. I’ve had a regular Whopper in my lifetime and sometimes I crave the taste of a good burger. This was FABULOUS! I hope they keep it on the menu. It’s a great alternative for vegetarians and people like me. Thanks!!

  5. Obviously, the meat flavor has to come from some artificial source? I can’t see why anybody should fool themselves into thinking that this new invented food has nutritional value? Top it off and the cost is about a buck more than meat? I’ll pass, thanks! Don’t need all that sodium or trans fat either. Interesting that fast food joints do things like removing one source of unhealthy ingredients, like lard in the french fries and then put it back using something else unhealthy.

  6. It tasted good. And the 25 gr of protein is good, too.
    I ate mine without the bun, I’m GF, and would like to know the nutritional details of the burger alone.
    Wish I Could get it in a soft corn tortilla?
    The 1240 Gms sodium, the 58 gms of carbs and the 34 Gms of fat are unacceptable for me, tho .
    I hope some of those numbers are from the bum and the heaping helping of mayo slathered on my otherwise a-good-try-burger.
    Glad you’re trying ..
    Too bad are watering down inside ketchup and restricting the number of ketchup packets I’m allowed at the drive-thru window.
    A low class, cheap tactic which is earning bad PR from this customer.

  7. Think of the planet. Beef contributes greatly to global warming, in a multitude of ways.

    And you may not care about this. A lot of people don’t. But it has always bothered me that cows, such peaceful creatures, meet such a violent end.

  8. The impossible whopper is not as healthy as they are touting. Two independent studies show that the impossible whopper contains either 1080mg or 1240 mg of sodium. Either one of these figures is equivalent to more then half of the recommended daily intake of sodium. This makes the impossible whopper one of the worst foods anyone should be putting in their mouths.

  9. If you look up the nutrition info for the BK Impossible Burger and use the page where you customize the ingredients, you’ll see that most of the sodium comes from the bun.

    Bun = 410 mg
    impossible Burger patty = 330 mg
    mayo = 140 mg
    ketchup = 135 mg
    pickles = 55 mg

    For the regular whopper, all the values are the same except the patty is 230 mg sodium

  10. I love the Impossible Whopper!! But, hopefully they can provide a junior size. It is hard to eat the whole sandwich. The plus side…less calories, fat and sodium that are a main complaint of many. Add mayo if requested. Yummy!!!!

  11. Very interesting t0 read all of the accounts of trying the impossible Whopper; but I will pass on trying one. Soy in males acts like estrogen. No thanks!

    • Ain’t ???
      This might not be healthier in some ways (hamburgers are NOT healthy) but at least it contains ZERO cholesterol if ordered without mayo. Cholesterol is the number one reason Americans have so many heart problems. The average American diet is terrible for those seeking a healthy lifestyle. This provides an alternative . . .

  12. Tried the impossible whopper today, not impressed. Especially after finding out the calories, sodium, carbs etc. I though it would be a healthy alternative, wrong!!


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