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McDonald’s Shamrock Shake is one of those limited time items that rotate on and off the menu seasonally like the McRib. The shake has become extremely popular among McDonald’s fans for its delicious minty flavor, but even more so, for its highly complex texture, which feels almost like a mousse. Some people hate it though.

The Shamrock Shake is a carb bomb. Even in its smallest version, you’ll be looking at a minimum of 74 grams of carbs per serving. And if you decide to order the Large Shamrock Shake, then that’s 131 grams of carbs right there.

The calorie content varies. McDonald’s Shamrock Milkshake contains between 460 and 800 calories, depending on serving size. For comparison, a 100-minute brisk walk will burn between 480 and 600 calories, depending on sex and age.

So I guess the old adage is true:

Life is a tragedy of nutrition.

Arnold Ehret

Eating sensibly and staying in shape can be tough to balance. But we’re here to help, with expert information you can rely on.

Knowing the nutritional content of your favorite menu items, including carbohydrates and fats, is essential to making healthier food choices.

McDonald’s Shamrock Shake Nutrition

The Shamrock Shake has 606 calories on average. Of those 606 calories, 65 percent are from carbs, 25 percent are from fat, and 10 percent are from protein. Now again, that’s the average of the three sizes.

You can see the full nutritional breakdown of a McDonald’s Shamrock Shake in the table below:

McDonald's Shamrock Shake Nutrition by SizeCaloriesCalories From FatTotal FatSaturated FatTrans FatCholesterolSodiumTotal CarbohydrateFiberSugarsProtein


McDonald’s Shamrock Shake contains the following known allergens:

  • Milk

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