Burger King Bacon Cheesy Tots
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Bacon Cheesy Tots are probably the best thing on the Burger King menu right now. They have everything you love in fast-food, melted cheese and smoky, crunchy bacon bits covered in a crispy golden bread crumbing coating.

The new Bacon Cheesy Tots have 330 calories and 41 grams of carbs per serving. So, guess what? They have too many carbs. Especially if you take into account the fact that you only get 4 of these magically delicious bites of cheese and real hickory bacon when you order them.

You’ve all heard the phrase, “Bacon makes everything better.” That’s true and most of us can agree with it. But what you never hear is that bacon also packs a lot of fat and calories.

However, and very interestingly, the new Bacon Cheesy Tots have fewer grams of fat than the original Cheesy Tots, which clocked in at 15 grams of fat and 310 calories per serving.

The new version has 20 more calories, but for just 20 extra calories you get to enjoy with bacon, which as we previously mentioned, makes everything taste better.

It’s worth noting that BK’s new tots also have more carbs and sodium and basically the same amount of protein as the original Cheesy Tots.

Burger King Bacon Cheesy Tots Nutrition

As mentioned above, this item has 330 calories per serving. 50 percent of those calories are from carbs, 38 percent are from fat, and the remaining 12 percent constitute calories derived from protein.

Use the table below to see all nutrition information for an 8-piece serving of Bacon Cheesy Tots:

BK Bacon Cheesy Tots Nutrition
Calories From Fat126
Total Fat14g
Saturated Fat4g
Trans Fat0g

You’ll need at least 45 minutes of moderate to high-intensity exercise to burn off these calories. If you weigh 170 lbs., you must jog for 30 minutes at a 12-minute-mile pace to burn a total of 330 calories.


Burger King’s new Bacon Cheesy Tots contain the following allergens:

  • Milk
  • Wheat

Nutrition and Allergen Information via: BK.com.


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