Dunkin’ Beyond Sausage Sandwich

Dunkin’ Donuts adds plant-based options to the menu with the debut of the new Beyond Sausage Sandwich at participating locations. The new menu item has 480 calories, and there is also Kosher version available which is a bit healthier that clocks in at just 470 calories. The chain is also offering Wake Up Wraps made with Beyond Meat’s new plant-based sausage, but more on that later because right now the Beyond Breakfast sandwich is the star of the show.

The Beyond Sausage Sandwich features an egg, American cheese, and a savory Beyond Breakfast Sausage patty—made with 100% plant-based proteins and a unique blend of spices crafted especially for Dunkin’—all sandwiched between an English muffin.

Dunkin’ says the new menu item contains “10 grams of plant-based protein and has 29 percent less fat, 33 percent less saturated fat and fewer calories, cholesterol and sodium than a traditional Dunkin’ Sausage, Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich on an English muffin.”

According to the donut chain, the new breakfast sandwich also delivers more iron than a comparable pork sausage sandwich. With that said, let’s take a look at the product’s nutritional information in the table below.

Dunkin’ Beyond Sausage Sandwich Nutritional Information

As mentioned above, Dunkin’s new plant-based breakfast sandwich has 480 calories. Forty-five percent of the calories come from fat, thirty-three percent come from carbs, and twenty-two percent from protein. See the table below for more information:

Nutrition Facts
Calories From Fat216
Total Fat24g
Saturated Fat8g
Trans Fat0g

What About The Kosher Version?

Dunkin’s Kosher Beyond Sausage Sandwich has 470 calories, 207 calories from fat, 23g of fat, 8g of saturated fat, 180mg of cholesterol, 860mg of sodium, 39g of carbs, 2g of fiber, 3g of sugar, and 24g of protein.

Is The Beyond Sausage Breakfast Sandwich Vegan?

No. While the Beyond Meat patty contains no meat, the new plant-based sandwich is not vegan as it contains egg and cheese. But customers can ask for the Beyond Breakfast Sandwich without egg and cheese for a vegan friendly option.


Dunkin’s new plant-based sandwich contains the following allergens:

  • Soy
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Wheat

References: DunkinDonuts.com.


  1. Just ate the beyond sausage egg cheese and muffin sandwich and I am duly impressed! One of the most delicious things I’ve ever had from a fast food restaurant!

  2. It is really tasty!!! I would actually take it over the original one with real sausage. It’s hard to explain the sausage is juicy but not greasy. That’s why to me it tastes better to me than real sausage. Also the Sat Fat content, cholesterol, and sodium all are reduced somewhat (still has egg and cheese on it obviously). Plus, supposedly it is more sustainable so if you’re into saving the planet this might help a little!


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