KFC Double Down

KFC has brought back its iconic Double Down sandwich after nearly ten years of absence, and this time around, it’s available in classic and spicy varieties, with calories ranging between 620 and 650, depending on your choice of option.

The classic Double Down fried chicken sandwich is made with two premium, all-white meat, double-breaded Extra Crispy chicken breast filets, two slices of smokey hickory bacon, two slices of melty cheese, and Colonel’s real mayo.

Those looking for a burst of heat can order the Spicy Double Down fried chicken sandwich, which includes all the same ingredients as the classic variety, but swaps out the Colonel’s real mayo for signature spicy sauce.

While KFC has not added the complete nutritional information for the Double Down to its nutrition guide yet, we do know that the classic version has 620 calories, and also that the spicy variety clocks in at 650 calories a pop. Not bad at all considering, that it was initially reported to have about 950 calories per serving.

We reached out to KFC for additional nutritional details, but they said they’re currently not providing such information for limited time items. However, there’s enough information available to determine that the Double Down is a keto-friendly fat bomb with around 50% of calories coming from fat and only 11% from carbohydrates.

The last time it was available on the menu, the Double Down reportedly totaled 610 calories, 52 grams of protein, 37 grams of fat, and 18 grams of carbs, and also had 1880 milligrams of sodium, which is about 82% of the daily recommended intake.

Full list of ingredients with allergen information not available for this product yet, so please check back later for more details.


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