Popeyes Sweet 'N Spicy Wings

Popeyes Sweet ‘N Spicy Wings

Popeyes offers a sweet, yet spiced-up version of its popular bone-in chicken wings with the introduction of new Sweet 'N Spicy Wings. Sweet 'N Spicy Wings feature hand...
Popeyes Blackened Chicken Sandwich

Popeyes Blackened Chicken Sandwich

Popeyes offers a new unbreaded chicken sandwich option with the arrival of its new 550-calorie Blackened Chicken Sandwich. The Blackened Chicken Sandwich comes with a chicken breast filet...
Popeyes New Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Popeyes Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Popeyes new Spicy Chicken Sandwich is a 700-calorie menu item that consists of a tender all-white meat chicken fillet, marinated in the chain's unique blend of Louisiana...
Popeyes New Chicken Sandwich

Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

Popeyes has a new Chicken Sandwich on the menu which is now widely regarded as the best chicken sandwich in fast food. Billed as the biggest product...
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