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Shake Shack fries are the best, but they contain a lot of calories, fat, and carbs. If you’re counting calories or trying to lose weight, skip the french fries, or at least share them with a friend if you must have them.

The New York City-based restaurant chain offers a variety of fries, such as regular fries, cheese fries, and Big Bob’s cheese fries, among other deliciously fried items.

Even though there’s only one size of fries, nutritional values vary based on each individual recipe.

As a rule of thumb, fries with bacon and cheese contain more calories than those that don’t. So if you’re trying to cut calories for weight loss avoid Bacon Cheese Fries and Double Down Fries at all costs.

Double Down Fries have a whopping 1910 calories, 117 grams of fat, 4020 milligrams of sodium, and 164 grams of carbs. The nutritional numbers are quite high with this one. I think they’re insane, actually.

Regular fries, on the other hand, contain fewer calories. With 470 calories, 22 grams of fat, 740 milligrams of sodium, and 63 grams of carbohydrate, they’re the “healthiest” fries on the chain’s menu.

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not saying they’re healthy. I’m just making a point that regular fries are the least unhealthy option on the menu.

Below are the nutrition facts for all Shake Shack fries including fan-favorites such as the chain’s famous Cheese fries and Double Down fries.

Shake Shack Fries Nutrition

The table below features all currently available french fry offerings at Shake Shack.

If Shake Shack introduces new french fry varieties, we will add them here as soon as they’re included on the menu.

FriesCaloriesCalories From FatTotal FatSaturated FatTrans FatCholesterolSodiumTotal CarbohydrateFiberSugarsProtein
Regular Fries47019822g4.5g0g15mg740mg63g7g1g6g
Cheese Fries71039644g19g0g95mg1020mg64g7g1g12g
Bacon Cheese Fries84046852g21g0g125mg1570mg65g7g1g24g
Double Down Fries19101053117g49g1g270mg4020mg164g16g5g41g
Big Bob's Cheese Fries80041446g19g0g115mg1020mg92g7g11g17g


Shake Shack fries allergens

Also, in case you were wondering, Shake Shack fries are not gluten free. So there’s that.

Nutrition Info Source: Shake Shack


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