Taco Bell Watermelon Freeze

The Watermelon Candy Freeze is a pink-colored, watermelon-flavored frozen drink available at Taco Bell for a limited time. Taco Bell’s version of the slushy frozen drink sets itself apart from others because it comes with small candy pieces that look like real watermelon seeds. But unlike real watermelon seeds, you get to eat these. The company says it’s the best thing since sliced watermelon. Just keep in mind that the drink is not suitable for children ages three and under because of potential choking hazard.

This freeze, which is the perfect summer drink by the way, is available in 16-ounce and 20-ounce servings. A 16-ounce Watermelon Freeze has 220 calories and 59 grams of carbs. While the 20-ounce offering contains 270 calories and 72 grams of carbohydrates.

Taco Bell Watermelon Freeze Calories and Nutrition

This Freeze has between 220 and 270 calories, depending on the size. So it has about 245 calories on average. And all of those calories are from carbs, and all of those carbs are from sugar. The drink is a carb-bomb, and people following a low-carb or keto diet should avoid sugary drinks like this one all costs.

The table below provides full nutritional details on the item like the amount of sodium, cholesterol, and fat.

Watermelon Freeze (16 oz) Nutrition
Calories From Fat0
Total Fat0g
Saturated Fat0g
Trans Fat0g

In case you were wondering, a large 20 ounce Watermelon Freeze has 270 calories, 72 grams of carbs, and 72 grams of sugar.


Taco Bell’s Watermelon Candy Freeze does not contain allergens.


Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, water, citric acid, natural and artificial flavor, tartaric acid, yucca Mohave extract, sodium citrate, modified food starch, and potassium among many others. You can see the full list of ingredients in this freeze here.

Ingredients and Allergen Information via: Taco Bell.


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