KFC Cheetos Popcorn Nuggets

KFC serves up new Cheetos Popcorn Nuggets alongside their most popular, limited time sandwich, the Cheetos Sandwich. The new menu item clocks in at 410 calories and features 100 percent crispy, all-white meat chicken pieces of chicken covered in the chain’s new Special Cheetos Sauce.

Just like the Sandwich, this item combines KFC’s finger lickin’ good chicken with the finger lickin’ cheesiness of Cheetos. However, one serving of Cheetos Popcorn Nuggets contains 29 grams of fat and 1140 milligrams of sodium.

So if you down 2 servings of Cheetos Nuggets, for example, you’ll have consumed over 50 grams of fat and nearly 2.5 grams of sodium in a single sitting, which is more than the recommended daily allowance for a person, according to the American Heart Association.

Apart from diced white chicken breast and enriched wheat flour, this item contains several other ingredients, such as corn syrup solids and high fructose corn syrup, which if consumed in excess, can lead to obesity and heart disease.

KFC Cheetos Popcorn Nuggets Calories and Nutrition Information

A single serving of Cheetos Nuggets has 410 calories, more than 63 percent of which come from its 29 grams of fat.

You can see the full nutritional breakdown of KFC’s new nuggets in the table below:

Nutrition Facts
Calories From Fat261
Total Fat29g
Saturated Fat4g
Trans Fat0g


This menu item contains the following known allergens:

  • Milk
  • Wheat
  • Gluten

References: KFC.com


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